No Church Left Behind Initiative

In order to help our churches become as effective as they can be the NF offers the following consulting workshops that are devised for pastors and deacons or other leaders. They are presented by invitation in various regions of the state and although there is some dependence upon the previous workshops – they can be taken in any order or singly.

 101 – Revitalization workshop – covers basic foundational concepts for established churches in moving their churches forward in growth and health.

201 – Strategic Planning workshop – overviews a basic 5 step template for helping churches plan for the development of their ministries

301 – Outreach Action Plan workshop – provides a framework for the development of 8 areas of outreach strategy that any church can implement.

New Life Initiative

Help for churches on the edge of viability through a strategy that brings together a revitalization pastor, a mentoring pastor and church, NF partnering churches – to help facilitate new life and vitality in such a ministry. Two churches are currently in the program with two other churches interested.

Current Sites:

Unadilla Forks