Frequently Asked Questions

1) When did the Northeast Fellowship begin?

October 5-7, 1942

2) How did the Fellowship originate?

Modernism continued to infiltrate the Baptist Missionary Convention and the American Baptist Convention in New York State. During the summer of 1941, nearly 25 pastors met for prayer and discussion at Canandaigua Lake. The decision was made to hold a state-wide meeting at Ithaca on October 5-7, 1942. 54 churches with a combined membership of nearly 10,000 united to form the Empire State Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches. The name was recently changed to Northeast Fellowship…A Network of Independent Baptist Churches.

3) Why is it called a Fellowship?

The very word “fellowship” demonstrates a voluntary sharing together of that which is commonly enjoyed. Across New York State, Bible-believing Baptist Churched voluntarily share a united voice, convictions, and purpose in fellowship.

4) Do the churches lose their independence?

Never! Every church is 100% independent and remains fully autonomous.

5) What ministry does the Network Executive Director perform?

Elected by the churches of the fellowship, the Executive Director is available to assist pastors and churches. Imagine, every church regardless of its size, has in the person of the Executive Director an assistant pastor. His dynamic ministry of preaching, counseling, and assistance is available upon requests.

6) What is the Network Leadership Team and what do they do?

The Network Leadership Team are elected by the Fellowship at the annual meeting. They are responsible for the overall leadership of the Network and assist the Network Executive Director in casting vision, guarding doctrinal integrity, and strengthening ministries.

7) What opportunities does the Northeast Fellowship offer?

  • Fall Bible Conference
  • Spring Ministry Conference
  • Pastor and Wives Preconference
  • Youth ReCharge Conference
  • Men’s Adventure
  • Renew Women’s Conference
  • Marriage Refresh Couple’s Retreat
  • Pastoral Training Practicums
  • Recalibrate Workshop
  • Education Ministry Clinics
  • Youth Workers Conference

8) Why would a church choose to fellowship with the Northeast  Fellowship?

  • A united voice and stand for Christ.
  • Wonderful fellowship and worship with other believers of like faith.
  • Help available for difficult situations.
  • Counsel, encouragement, training.
  • The joy of being a family.