Today we’re celebrating God’s goodness
and promoting the spread of the gospel
in this region.
Celebrate with us, and contribute to the cause.
Here’s a playlist of brief videos highlighting it:
Here are links to specific giving sites:
Here are some special opportunities and goal amounts:
One Percent ($1,272)
$1,272 represents a full percent of our NF annual budget.
You can invest significantly in our whole ministry by a 1% gift.
Pastoral Support ($10k)
During the difficulties we currently face, pastors are hit especially hard. Almost 4 out of 10 of them have considered quitting in the past year. The NF offers counsel, encouragement, and assistance to these leaders.
Church Relief ($15k)
With declining attendance and offerings, some churches are struggling financially. Some of our churches have been hit with unforeseen expenses. Maybe God has blessed you so that you may bless someone else in their time of need.
Church Revitalization ($25k)
Hard times require hard decisions. Change must occur if we are going to survive in a changing environment. The NF works with churches on important next steps to not only survive but also to thrive in their communities.
NSTM ($15k)
Our new Northeast School of Theology and Ministry involves pastors training the next generation of pastors, giving them quality ministerial training at a fraction of the cost. 15% of our churches are without pastors in these challenging days and the supply is dwindling.
Ministry Center ($20k)
As we prepare for needed repairs, especially a new roof, we’re raising funds for our headquarters.
Please consider your part in this good work!
Give easily online here:
Or mail checks made out to “Northeast Fellowship Giving Wednesday” to 2293 Grand Central Ave, Horseheads, NY 14845. All gifts are tax deductible.
Your gift builds partnerships with other churches like yours in NY & PA. Will
you help others minister the gospel in these difficult times?
THANKS for your interest and involvement! Numbers 6:24-26


HERE COME THE HOLIDAYS:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and . . NF Wednesday!

This season, on 12-1-21, Northeast Fellowship celebrates NF Wednesday:  a day of thanking the Lord for blessings on our fellowship in 2021 and of seeking His provision for 2022.

Our EZ Register site is now active for donations:

You can give in many ways:

  • Want to be a 1 percenter?  $1272 covers a full 1 percent of our annual budget.
  • Want to give another amount?  A link allows you to enter any donation you’d like.
  • Want to give in other creative ways?  The site includes a long list of possibilities.  

Thanks for your support of NF throughout the year and for your consideration of NF Wednesday!



Later this month,


Our annual conference, at First Baptist Church of Horseheads, will   

  • celebrate God’s work in our lives and churches in 2021                                               
  • highlight how to make the most of prayer in your personal life and your church’s ministry                                                                                                                                   
  • unite us for a memorable in-person event 

We happily invite you to join us.

Here’s how to get ready: 

  • Reserve a room.  We have contracts with Country Inn & Suites (607-739-2000) and Candlewood Suites (607-873-7676) for an $84 rate.                         
  • Take the time.  The conference is Monday, October 25, 2pm – Tuesday, October 26, 12:30pm.                                                                                                                         
  • Come hungry . . for fellowship, study, and prayer – and you’ll be filled!


Pastors Adirondack Retreat

Our Pastors in the Adirondacks event takes place soon:

September 12-14, 2021

Registration is open at or

Memorial Day Camping Trip 073 | Tim Richards | Flickr

Our Northeast Fellowship pastors can benefit from a concentrated time of rest and fellowship, part alone with the Lord and part together with other pastors, all against the beautiful backdrop of the Adirondack mountains.

This camping trip takes place with a home base of Indian Lake, enjoying an all natural setting of camping in lean-tos and cooking over an open fire (yet with a nearby church and parsonage in case of emergency) and is structured around pastoral camaraderie in prayer and Scripture, idea swapping, campfire meals, and great-outdoors activities.

Wilderness Campground at Heart Lake New York | Adirondack Mountain ClubWhether you’ve got a weary soul looking for a lift or whether you’re thriving and can use some rest, you can find it at our Pastors Camping Trip September 12-14, arriving any time Sunday afternoon or evening and staying through Tuesday evening (or your choice of a free additional night and leaving Wednesday morning).

For more information, please visit or


The Northeast Fellowship (NFIBC)  believes that God has given us the greatest CAUSE in the world: CHRIST’S CHURCH, His Body (Ephesians 5:25).  While society may view the local church as “non-essential”, we see the necessity to strengthen and encourage the church of today and its leaders all the more.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, the NFIBC relies on the blessing of heaven through individuals and churches who support it through their faithful prayers and financial support.

Read more to learn how you can give a one-time donation (cash or non-cash) a recurring donation, or noncash donations and how these can be used to advance the outreach of independent Baptist churches across New York and Pennsylvania.

Continue reading “Giving”


The NORTHEAST FELLOWSHIP  is a network of over 180 churches.

It aims to advance the cause of Christ through happy and healthy local churches.

Directors Brian King and Jim Vogel serve pastors and churches via preaching, counseling, consulting, annual events, and more.

May the Lord encourage you through your visit to this site – and hopefully to one of our live events.  Hope to see you on the road – or maybe in your home church!