Mission, Doctrine, Core Values


Our Mission

To bring Glory to God through the networking of independent Baptist churches for the

advancement of the gospel,

strengthening of churches and their leaders,

promotion of sound Biblical teaching,

fostering of true fellowship and support among like-minded ministries.

Our Doctrine:

Beliefs and Practices (downloadable pdf)


Our Core Values:

  • We believe in the centrality of the local Church in God’s plan for both local and global impact with the Gospel.
  • We believe in local church independency which we believe doesn’t preclude the value of a true biblical interdependency among churches of like biblical conviction and practice.
  • We believe in biblical doctrine . . . affirming the great fundamental truths of biblical Christianity and the historic Biblical convictions of Baptist belief and polity. We also affirm the importance of sound Bible teaching in our churches.
  • We believe in the voluntary networking of churches and leaders for fellowship, encouragement and ministry enhancement.
  • We believe in a network leadership structure that respects church autonomy and maintains a non-controlling perspective in its dealings with individual churches.
  • We believe in the biblical teaching about doctrinal purity and separation from false teaching (apostacy) and desire to maintain a respectful and humble perspective in dealing with others with whom we disagree.
  • We believe in the priority of the Great Commission and affirm the importance of evangelism, discipleship and church planting both locally and globally.
  • We believe in making a distinction between unchanging biblical doctrine and changeable ministry methods and respect the diversity of church ministry practices among our churches.
  • We believe in a biblical church growth . . . desiring to foster healthy church ministries that intentionally and strategically reach out into local communities with the gospel.
  • We believe in the importance of loving pastoral leadership in local churches. Such leadership respects congregational authority and works closely with deacons who provide assistance and support to their pastors.

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