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We have heroes:  Biblical characters, historical figures, and modern influences.  They inspire us, and we learn from them.

We can be heroes:  followers of Christ who set an example for others.

Join us online for a celebration of HEROES, with  messages from Jackson Garrell, a longtime part of our Fellowship and exciting speaker. PLUS get ready for some real live HERO testimonies from people all over the Northeast – and a chance for YOU to participate.

Watch at home – or organize your own teen event at church, and enjoy a special time of  learning, and growing together.

Registration is now OPEN at
With your donation of any amount, you will receive access to the entire video conference as links to YouTube based videos (Unlisted).

This package will be released March 20 and  will remain available through April 4, 2021 (Easter).  You can watch it all at once in a single event or over several sessions. Your choice.


This annual Northeast Fellowship event, which is held each year in March, focuses on solid Bible teaching, practical workshops and relevant praise and worship geared to teens. The goal is to inspire, equip, and challenge teens toward Christian growth through worship, fellowship, and teaching.  Hundreds of teens attend these Friday/Saturday seminars each year at multiple locations across New York state.