ReCharge Youth Seminars



                                                 RECHARGE 2022

Time of Our Lives ‹ TERP

                                                       Philippians 3:12-14


For 2022, we have back-to-back weekends of Recharge,

March 18-19  – Eastern NY sites:

  • Open Door Baptist, New Woodstock – Andy Geissman, Speaker
  • Central Baptist, Binghamton – Nate Cobb, Speaker

March 25-26 – Western NY sites:

  • First Baptist, Horseheads – Andy Geissman, Speaker
  • First Baptist, Marilla – Nate Cobb, Speaker


Workshops: Choose 3 about the times of our lives

THE BIG TIME – This workshop paints the picture of how you can serve the Lord, highlighting specific ways you can contribute to the cause of Christ – now and in the future.

WORST TIME – Life goes against us so often.  We live in a fallen world and have a fallen nature.  The Lord can lift us above all of this.

BEST TIME – Each stage of life offers special opportunity, including our teen years.  God has truths for you to discover, opportunities for you to experience, and people for you to learn about, learn from, and learn with.

SCARY TIME – Fear can freeze you into inaction – or frighten you into overreacting.  Bold action, loving concern, and clear thinking can help you rise to the occasion.  Loosen the grip of fear, and embrace the opportunities God gives you.

MY TIME – Most of us have about 8 hours of work each day and 8 hours of sleep each night, leaving us with about 8 hours under our own control.  What we do with these hours reveals a lot about what we value.

END TIME – Scripture reveals that time moves toward a goal.  The present is only a piece of the puzzle, and God has a complete picture in mind.  We need to be ready – and want to help others get ready for the end.

This annual Northeast Fellowship event, which is held each year in March, focuses on solid Bible teaching, practical workshops and relevant praise and worship geared toward teens.

The goal is to inspire, equip, and challenge teens toward Christian growth through worship, fellowship, and teaching.  Hundreds of teens attend these Friday/Saturday seminars each year at multiple locations across New York state.