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We are planning on a great conference this year with Julie Henning. She is an Amerasian orphan from South Korea. Julie was brought to the US at 13 and raised by the American author Pearl S Buck. (Pearl was famous as author of The Good Earth which won a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and Nobel prize for literature.) Julie eventually was saved and became a pastor’s wife and will share her amazing story. Plan to join us this year!

Cost: $50 2 day/$40 1 day price postmarked by 9/4/19    $60/$50 if postmarked from 9/5-9/15

After 9/15 please call to verify space. Cost $70 2 day, $60 one day. All craft venders must register at the conference and send in the craft vendor contract below.

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Giving Project: Florece Prenatal Center in Chile

This is the only known pregnancy center of its kind in Chile offering free pregnancy tests, personalized maternity classes, Biblical peer counseling and a baby boutique of infant clothes and items.

2019 Workshops for NF Ladies Advance “Amazing Grace”

Doris Hurlbut

1. “And they lived Gracefully ever after” by Doris Hurlbut

Come see afresh how God’s Grace is the key to the “happily ever after” women long for in marriage.

Joanna Alexander

2. “Amazing Purpose” by Joanna Alexander

God uniquely created us, strategically placed us and will effectively use us! Come learn about the native Pastors, families, teachers and children that are being used for God’s Amazing purpose around the world.

3. Living an “Even If” Life by Kim Clark

We often go throughout our days wondering “what if…?”. What if that person never changes? What if that payment isn’t made? What if the test results are bad?. The list goes on, and we all have one. Let’s talk about where these questions might come from, but more importantly, how to change our “what ifs” to firm, solid-rock “even ifs”. Because EVEN IF things are not how we’d hoped or planned, God is still near, He is still Good, and because of His Amazing Grace we know that He is working for our benefit.

4. “Praying with a Purpose” by Karen Snyder (not available)

Karen Snyder

Our heavenly father desires to hear his children pray. He also delights to answer our prayers. To assist us and to make our prayer time more purposeful and meaningful, this workshop will focus on creating a prayer journal, suggestions on how to put one together and valuable insights on how to use it for the glory of God.

Jeannie Vogel




5. Sharing Grace – symposium with Jeannie Vogel

Opposed to abortion? Let’s discuss some simple things that every young girl or women can do to help stem the tide.


Dr. Jim Vogel

6. “Visions, Voices, and Choices: Biblical Principles for all of us on knowing God’s will” by Jim Vogel, NF Executive Director

There is a lot of confusion these days about divine guidance. This workshop will overview the scriptural foundation, clarify some common misunderstandings, and suggest practical action steps in pursuing God’s will for our lives.

7. “God’s purpose for your Season” by Kirsten Shanks

 Seasons of life come and go, just like seasons of the year. We can find contentment in serving God where He has us today without begging for tomorrow and the possibilities it may hold. God has placed you in your season of life, whether single, married, mom of young children, or perhaps still in high school or college for a reason and for a season. Join us as we discuss finding the joy of contentment through your season.


Andrea Phelan

8. “I am the Wretch the Song Refers To” by Andrea Phelan

You may have seen the saying, “I am the wretch the song refers to.” I have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Literally. In Isaiah 5:21 we are warned, “Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight!”  Even though my own “wisdom” led me straight to sin, and I experienced prolonged woe beyond what I ever expected, I, even though an utter and complete wretch, was never too far gone for God’s offer of forgiveness, redemption and His Amazing Grace!

Janet Fairchild

9. Chalk Couture by Janet Fairchild ($5)
This is a sample of one of the beautiful plaques you can choose to make at my Chalk Couture Workshop!  I am so excited to share this crafting technique with you.  There will be several different boards to choose from!

Kelly Maxson

10. “The Prodigal” by Kelly Maxson

Are you watching and waiting for your Prodigal to come home? Have you walked the prodigal road and found grace waiting for you at the end? Do you know a Prodigal that you are praying for to return to the fold? If so then come along with me as I look at Luke 15 and the story of the Prodigal Son. Let me share what God has been teaching me as I watch and wait for the return of my own Prodigal!


Pastor Brian King

11. Parenting through the Ages and Stages of Childhood by Pastor Brian King, NF Associate Director


Hey Moms, let’s develop a game plan for all the years of parenting that is based on biblical principles and reasonable expectations. With good coaching and God’s grace, you can make the child-raising days truly enjoyable for you and them.

Michelle Forman

12. Embracing Hospitality by Michelle Forman, Pastor’s Wife at Breesport Baptist

You can experience  God’s Amazing Grace when you practice Hospitality.  Join me as we look at three areas that can jump start your hospitality ministry:   Hospitality when we are tired, Hospitality  when we are serving difficult people in our lives , and Hospitality when our homes aren’t perfect.

Debbie Scott

13. Debbie Scott, Pastor’s Wife from First Baptist Church of West Danby,

Debbie is hosting a PW Feud Challenge and a Pastor’s Wife Team that is willing to share and encourage.  Debbie will be with Kristen Cook from Unadilla Forks Baptist Church, Unadilla Forks, NY and Julie Finch from First Baptist Church of West Danby.  Don’t miss this great time of encouragement and fellowship planned just for you as a Pastor’s wife!  🙂  This workshop will take place one time on Friday night!  Hope to see you there.